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What is Student Self-Service?

Student Self-Service℠ is an online service that enables students to view their enrollment information, obtain enrollment verification certificates, order transcripts, and more at no charge. Students at participating Student Self-Service schools can enjoy the convenience of performing important tasks on demand 24/7 without having to visit or call the registrar or financial aid office. They can also access our student discounts site, AcademicPerks, which consolidates student-exclusive savings from across the web.

Can Student Self-Service help me provide improved service to students?

Yes, because it allows you to provide key services to students anytime and anywhere, day or night, even when your office is closed.

What benefits can my office realize by participating in Student Self-Service?

Student Self-Service is an ideal way to offset your office's administrative workload, provide faster and better service to students, and reduce student calls and visits for routine requests such as enrollment certificates. In the event of a temporary closure or disaster, Student Self-Service also provides you with a way to deliver important services to your students even when your office isn't open.

What are the benefits to our students?

Student Self-Service is very popular with students because it meets their expectations for service, including:

  • Ease of use and security
  • 24/7 access to enrollment verifications and enrollment history
  • Ability to print enrollment certificates on demand
  • Identify servicers for their private and FFEL student loans
  • Ability to order transcripts online (if your school participates in our free Transcript Ordering service)
  • Access to our student discounts site, AcademicPerks
What can students do with Student Self-Service?

Students can perform a number of activities at no charge, including:

  • Print enrollment verification certificates for organizations requiring proof of enrollment. (Note: students can choose between three enrollment certificate options — current enrollment, all enrollment, or advanced registration)
  • Check the deferment forms and electronic notifications that have been sent on their behalf to student lenders
  • Identify servicers for their private and FFEL student loans
  • View their enrollment histories
  • View the enrollment verifications performed on their behalf for student service providers
  • Order an official transcript or view the status of previous transcript requests (if your school participates in our free Transcript Ordering service)
  • Print a "Good Student Discount" certificate that they can submit to auto insurance companies and others to obtain good student discounts on goods and services1
  • Access AcademicPerks to view student-exclusive savings from third-party retailers who offer discounts to currently enrolled students

1Your institution must include a "Good Student Discount" flag in the enrollment data you provide to the Clearinghouse.

Is there a cost for our institution to participate?

No, Student Self-Service is free to collegiate institutions. However, in order to receive Student Self-Service, you must participate in our free Enrollment Reporting, DegreeVerify, and EnrollmentVerify services. In order to maximize the time-savings benefits of our services, we also encourage you to refer all verification requests to the Clearinghouse.

Is there a cost to our students?

There is no charge to students to use Student Self-Service, unless they use it to order a transcript through our Transcript Ordering service. Students who order transcripts are charged a small service fee to help offset operating costs in addition to any transcript fees you assess, 100% of which is remitted to you. You must participate in our free Transcript Ordering service to enable your students to order transcripts via Student Self-Service.

What is AcademicPerks?

AcademicPerks is a student discounts site operated by the Clearinghouse that consolidates savings from across the web that are offered exclusively to students who are currently enrolled in a U.S. college or university. AcademicPerks is a free, convenient, and easy-to-access site available on our Student Self-Service menu without compromising security or student privacy. does not sell anything. We simply present student discounts on our site – all of which have been vetted by Clearinghouse staff. Everything we feature offers value to your students, saving them money and time and helping them be more productive.

Students can also visit AcademicPerks by going to

What are Student Self-Service's programming requirements?

Student Self-Service integrates completely into your existing secure student web portal. The Clearinghouse will work with your technical staff to write a program to create a page that interacts with Student Self-Service. Sample program code will be provided.

Are there any customization options?

Yes. If you like, the Clearinghouse can brand the masthead of your Student Self-Service pages with your school logo and colors. Although you cannot customize the enrollment certificate, you can add a custom message to the bottom, such as accreditation information. In addition, at your request, the student's current anticipated graduation date (AGD) will be displayed on the enrollment certificate.

Does Student Self-Service comply with FERPA?

Yes. Like all Clearinghouse services, Student Self-Service is fully compliant with FERPA.

How do we sign up?

If you already participate in our Enrollment Reporting service, DegreeVerify, and EnrollmentVerify, sign and return the Student Self-Service agreement. Once the agreement is received, we'll assign an implementation team member to guide you through your Student Self-Service activation. Contact us to request a Student Self-Service agreement from your Clearinghouse regional or managing director.

If you do not participate in Enrollment Reporting, DegreeVerify, and EnrollmentVerify, contact us to learn how to sign up for these free services and become eligible for free Student Self-Service.