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Using StudentTracker

StudentTracker data is highly accessible, available as individual student queries via the Web, flat files, Excel spreadsheets, or aggregate summary reports.

Individual Student Look-Ups via the Web

Your annual StudentTracker subscription includes an unlimited number of individual student look-ups via our secure Web site.

To request web access, contact the Clearinghouse Web administrator at your institution. If you do not know who your institution's Web administrator is, contact

Batch File Exchanges

One of the benefits of StudentTracker is your ability to use it to enrich your records with enrollment and degree data* from other institutions. StudentTracker's batch file exchange feature enables you to obtain information for large group cohort studies using one of five research options:

  • Preparing Your File. . You will find the file format specifications to build your research inquiry file in the Student Tracker for Colleges and Universities User’s Guide. Both Excel and flat files are accepted.
  • Transmitting Your File. You can send your files to us using your Clearinghouse secure FTP account (a StudentTracker client coordinator will help you set up your account). Each time you successfully upload a file, a file delivery receipt will be emailed to you.
  • Viewing Your File Submission Status. You can view your file submission status by logging on to the secure website and selecting the Research Services tab. From the Research Services tab, you can see if your file had any errors that must be corrected before you resubmit it. You can also see when your reports will be available for download via your secure FTP account.
  • Obtaining Your Research Results. You will receive a new files email when your StudentTracker results are ready for retrieval from your secure FTP account. Your StudentTracker research results include:
    • Control Report: Overview of your original inquiry and the results
    • Aggregate Report: Summary of the first schools attended by your cohort
    • Student Detail Report: Specific enrollment information about your cohort

If your file processed without errors, which will be noted on the File Submission Status screen, and you do not receive your report results within 72 hours, please contact

*Your school must be a DegreeVerify participant to receive detailed degree information.


document iconFile Delivery Receipt

National Student Clearinghouse DOWNLOADED "001234.txt" from the Home / 001234st folder. (Download recorded at 4/6/2006 9:53:27 AM.)

You are receiving this email because our records show you uploaded "001234.txt" into the "Home / 001234st" folder with tracking ID #9876543 at 4/6/2006 9:43:13 AM, and delivery receipts have been enabled for this folder.

Please use the following URL and your username/password to view the complete history of this file: (

PLEASE NOTE: When you view the complete history of this file, you will see where we have downloaded your file, sent you this FTP acknowledgement email, and "deleted" or moved this file from the FTP server to the Clearinghouse database for further processing.

National Student Clearinghouse Notification Service

document icon 3 New Files Available

  File Name Date and Time Size Uploaded By Tracking ID
document icon 00111100_T18081.200606090947_SE.csv 6/9/2006 10:02:06 AM National Student Clearinghouse System 871,300 9876543
document icon 00222200_T18081aggrrpt.200606090947_SE.csv 6/9/2006 10:02:00 AM National Student Clearinghouse System 2,361 8765432
document icon 00333300_T18081cntlrpt.200606090947_SE.htm 6/9/2006 10:02:03 AM National Student Clearinghouse System 7,616 7654321

Please click the "File Name" of any file above to view more information about or to download a particular file. You may be prompted to sign on with your username and password before continuing.

National Student Clearinghouse Notification Service